Directing at Footlite

Footlite Musicals seeks director proposals for every season.  Proposals are typically requested  in early Fall.  Watch for news or sign up for our email list (see below).

Overview of the Process

(for a more detailed overview, see Production Resources)

Our season consists of:

  • Four Mainstage productions
    • September, March and May for 3 weeks/11 performances
    • A November holiday production for 4 weeks/14 performances
  • A January cabaret-style production for 3 weeks/9 performances
  • A July Young Adult (age 18-25) production for 3 weeks/11 performances
  • An August Young Artist (age 13-18) production for 2 weeks/7 performances


We typically seek to balance our season in the following way:

  • Young Adult and Young Artist shows often work best when there is name recognition, as it is a challenging time to attract big audiences. Both shows should be very mindful of the time constraints for building their sets.
  • September and May: premiere or other highly recognized, popular show to start and end the season with excitement.
  • November: a holiday or family friendly offering likely to attract large audiences.
  • The January cabaret production also has limited time for set construction, so small shows and casts work best. On-stage seating means intimate productions play well.
  • March: an art or “theatre people” show, as this is often our most challenging time slot to attract audiences, regardless of the title.

Interested directors should submit the following items via email to

  • Title of show. You may submit multiple shows. Please indicate your top choice.
  • A description of your concept for the show (maximum of two pages).
  • Director’s theatrical resume.
  • Proposed production staff including but not limited to Producer, Stage Manager, Music Director (or Vocal Director/Conductor), Costume Designer, and Choreographer. Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Technical Director and Properties are also recommended at this time. Any of these individuals who are tentative must be indicated.
  • Any time slot requirements.

The Board forwards submissions to the Show Selection Committee, who does the work of recommending a season. The committee will schedule time to interview your team in October, with final decisions made before the end of the year.

Qualifications to direct at Footlite

Footlite prefers directors new to our theater first serve as an assistant director. Being the largest community theatre facility in the area, working with only volunteers and no permanent staff, we face unique challenges. Directors who have only worked in smaller venues often underestimate the complexity of mounting a Footlite production.

It is our desire to welcome new directors to Footlite, but it’s critical we make informed decisions. If you have not previously AD’ed at Footlite, please read the following carefully:

  • Your proposed staff must include at least one producer who has produced or directed a show at Footlite.
  • The committee will contact you to setup a time for a required interview in October. Work to ensure the majority of your staff can attend.
  • A seasoned, experienced staff will make your production run much smoother, and increases the chances the committee will choose your proposal. Consider using Footlite veterans, or include brief biographical information on any staff new to Footlite.
  • We are specifically looking to see that your lighting designer, technical director and stage manager has experience at Footlite or a venue of comparable size.

Questions? Contact Footlite Musicals by email at

Thank you for your interest in Footlite Musicals!