Auditioning at Footlite

Join the fun by auditioning for a show at Footlite Musicals. Our auditions are open to all members of the community, and Encore Association-eligible shows are never pre-cast. Footlite is an 100% volunteer community theatre. Our actors, designers, crew and orchestra are not paid. The audition process is different for each show, so please look for the contact listed if you have questions about a particular production.

Upcoming Auditions

Priscilla Queen Of The Desert

Co-directed by Rich Baker & Bob Harbin


Date and Time

Sunday, Jaunary 14, 2018: 7pm-10pm
Monday, January 15, 2018: 7pm-10pm
Callbacks: Announced during audition


Hedback Theater, 1847 North Alabama Street, Indianapolis, IN  46202

Production Dates

May 4-6, May 10-13, May 17-20, 2018
Curtain times – 7:30 Thursday-Sat.,  2:30 on Sunday


  • Auditioners should prepare about 16 measures of a pop song from the 70’s / 80’s in their key that best displays their vocal talents.
  • No karaoke or a-cappella auditions will be heard.
  • Please bring comfortable clothes & shoes to dance in.
  • The production dates are May 4-20 and rehearsals will begin around late January based on conflicts.  Please bring all conflicts to auditions.

About the Show

Based on the Oscar-winning movie, “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” is the heart-warming, uplifting adventure of three friends who hop aboard a battered old bus searching for love and friendship. They end up on a journey of self-discovery and a road trip of a lifetime across the outback of Australia.  The production features twenty-three familiar dance hits from the 70s & 80s such as ‘It’s Raining Men’, ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’ ‘Shake Your Groove Thing’ & ‘I Will Survive’.  The production will also feature over 400 rented outrageous costumes designed by the original Oscar and Tony award winning designers which is being rented. Actors must be mindful of quick costume changes and modesty may be jeopardized as such.


  • MITZI/TICK  (30-40, male, baritone-tenor) Outstanding acting, dance, singing and lip-synching ability is essential. With an unremarkable and essentially straight exterior, Tick is a discontented drag queen, the best in the business.  Estranged husband of Marion and absent father to 8 year old Benji, his journey from disillusionment to fulfillment through being reunited with his son is the core of the story.
  • BERNADETTE (40-50, male, baritone-tenor) Outstanding acting, dance, singing and lip-synching ability essential. This character is a quietly dignified transsexual who must be convincing as an aging woman who was once, in her prime, the star performer in the revue ‘Les Girls’. The mother of the group, Bernadette is glamorous, oozing Old Hollywood charm with rapier wit and sensitivity. Actor must be able to be convincing and touching in her attraction and growing relationship with Bob.
  • FELICIA/ADAM (20-30, male, tenor) Very well maintained physical features and physique with outstanding character acting, dance, singing and lip-synching ability essential.  A flashy, young drag queen and born performer with a more than occasional bitchy streak. His provocative and outspokenness often finds himself into trouble with both friends and complete strangers.
  • THE DIVAS (20-40, female, three of them) Sassy and strong, these women lead us through some of the greatest hits of the last decades.  Very strong vocalists in the disco-belt style a must. These ladies act as the Greek chorus  and will also be a part of the ensemble.
  • BOB (Late 40s-60s, male) Strong acting ability. Has one solo song. A mechanic by trade with a good ol’ boy behavior. Typical laconic attitude, soft hearted Aussie bloke who spent years wandering around the world only to find he was better off where he started. He has a fascination with Bernadette whom he saw perform in ‘Les Girls’ in Sydney more than twenty years ago.
  • SHIRLEY (4O-50s, female) Character actor who can sing and with good comic timing.  She has a solo song. Shirley is a hardened outback bartender/waitress.  Will also appear in ensemble pieces. Could also double as a diva.
  • MARION (30-40s, female) Strong acting and singing.  A hotel entertainment manager in Alice Springs, mother of 8 year old Benji and estranged wife of Tick.  A strong, direct and forthright woman who takes charge, but is incredibly accepting of her role as a single mother.  There is a deep unconventional affection between her and Tick. This part will also be a part of the ensemble.
  • CYNTHIA (early 20s-30, female) Bob’s feisty Filipino wife. A frustrated performer of obscure ‘stage tricks’ which make her very popular at the local bar. She spends her days as a housewife looking after Bob and their home. Character acting, dancing and singing ability is essential. Note: Anyone auditioning for this role should watch movie and be informed this costume will be skimpy.
  • MISS UNDERSTANDING (20s-30s, male) Character acting, dancing & singing.  A fabulous drag queen with a great comic hosting ability. She sets up the tone of the show for us. She must be able to work a crowd well and look brilliant in drag. Actor needs to be able to deliver Tina Turner style character convincingly. Will also be part of ensemble.
  • FRANK (late 20s-30s, male) Tough miner with violent tendencies. A harden resident of mining town Coober Pedy. Tall strapping and very outback Australian. Will be a part of ensemble.
  • JIMMY (late 20s-30, male) Friendly, indigenous Australian whom the queens run into in the desert; innocent charm and great movement skills. Any traditional dancing is a huge plus. Will be part of the ensemble.
  • YOUNG BERNADETTE/FARRAH (early 20s, male) Character acting, singing & dancing. The epitome of grace, glamour, gender illusion rather than drag. Young Bernadette is a ‘Les Girls’ at its most alluring. Farrah: young, beautiful and sassy drag queen Will be part of the ensemble.
  • BENJI (8-11, male) The young son of Tick & Marion. Marion has raised Benji to be a sweet & open minded young boy supportive of his father’s lifestyle. The reunion with his father is pivotal & endearing.
  • FEMALE & MALE ENSEMBLE…must be able to sing and dance well. Quick costume changes are to be expected. Will play multiple parts and in the show a lot.