Photo courtesy of CIC-ATOS


Footlite Musicals and the Hedback Theater are fortunate to have the beautiful two-manual, eleven-rank Page Theatre pipe organ, which was built in Lima, Ohio in 1925 for installation in a Fort Wayne mansion. Phil Hedback later purchased the organ and had it installed in its present location. Our organ has been renovated with the addition of six ranks, a toy chest and other interesting features. Members of The American Theatre Organ Society, who now own and maintain it as a historical instrument, play the organ before every performance. Be sure to come early to most performances to enjoy the organ music. The American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS) is dedicated to the preservation of a unique American art form — the theatre pipe organ and its music. The membership includes musicians, technicians, and enthusiastic listeners — all devoted to the preservation and continued enjoyment of what we believe to be a national treasure. Visit the Central Indiana Chapter of ATOS website for more information regarding the history and development of the theater organ.