Oliver! (50th Anniversary)

Music, Lyrics and Book by Lionel Bart
Based on the Charles Dickens novel "Oliver Twist"

Oliver is a young orphan in a large workhouse who draws a great deal of attention to himself when he asks for more at the dinner table. No one likes a greedy orphan, so Oliver finds himself sold to an undertaker. He runs away, and is taken in by a group of pickpockets who try to teach the innocent boy to be a thief. Eventually he escapes from the clutches of the crime ring and finds love, happiness, and a home.

Ellie Sellars will direct Footlite's fourth production of Oliver!


Oliver Twist: Noah Mccullough
Fagin: Bill Hale
The Artful Dodger: Matt Conwell
Bill Sikes: Shannon Wise
Nancy: Kate Bridal
Bet: Lauren Raker
Mr. Bumble: John Phillips
Widow Corney: Paige Scott
Mr. Brownlow: Bernard Wurger
Mr. Sowerberry: Nils Nordell
Mrs. Sowerberry: Cheryl Fesmire
Mary Sowerberry: Gwendolyn Stout
Charlotte: Emmi Malcolmson
Noah Claypoole: Josh Breece
Dr. Grimwig: Malcolm Malcolmson
Mrs. Bedwin: Denise Fort
Old Sally: Joan Rapkin
Charley Bates: Joey Mervis

Workhouse Children

Emmi Malcolmson
Madelynne Hunter
Kelsen Bartley
Graysen Montel
Madeleine Rogers
Morgan Roof
Katharine Ruegger
Carly Ringlespaugh
Madison Moll
Ruthie Snyder
Noah Huber
Jake Hampton
Thomas Whitcomb

Elijah Bush
Nolan Oakes
Joshua Peduto
Ethan Holder
Tyson Harloff
Katie Hahn
Anne Miller
Keeley Miller
Sydney Miller
Molly Oates
Cameron Brown
Alyjah Duff

Fagin's Gang

Jordan Wood
Noah Huber
Jake Hampton
Elijah Bush
Jonah Harry
Nolan Oakes
Joshua Peduto
Ethan Holder
Tyson Harloff

Katie Hahn
Anne Miller
Keeley Miller
Sydney Miller
Bethany Ulrey
Jessica Ulrey
Molly Oates
Cameron Brown
Alyjah Duff

Tavern Girls

Meghan Garriott
Rylee Hubbard
Khyla Shepherd
Amanda Wenz
Cybele Carrigan


Emily Buysee
Susie Harloff
Todd Holder
Kim Buckley
Michael Davis
Douglass Krantz
Lauren Worth
Sydney Cabell
Betsy Hall

Nathan Bogan
Malcolm Malcolmson
Shauna Keith
Chris Brown
Joan Rapkin
Scott Brown
Donna Light
Austin Light


Artful Dodger: Jordan Wood
Oliver: Noah Oates


Director: Ellie Sellars
Producer: Harold Greenberg
Assistant Director: Maria Matters
Vocal Director: Brenda Campbell
Musical Conductor: Laura Cones
Costume Designer: Curt Pickard


May 7, 8, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22 & 23, 2010

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